Airing : Weekdays 19:00

Channel : E TV 

Date: 16 Oct- 22 October

Pearl is one step ahead of Rene when it comes to Mzi.

Banele is homeless once again.

Lefa looks up bomb-making on the internet.

While Lefa finishes his homemade bomb, Mark has a bomb of his own to drop.

Mapula meets a benefactor.

Rene has a big proposal for Mark.

Mapula’s benefactor delivers, but he wants something in return.

Kop pulls the belt on Lefa. Mark reels after Rene’s marriage proposal.

Gift wants an answer from Mapula. Kop is furious after his run-in with Lefa.

Rene and Mark butt heads over their secret, but Mark has another big surprise.

Mapula is caught between Banele and Gift.

Kop tries to make it up to Lefa.