Chrissy Metz and Alison Brie respond to 'fabricated' insult rumours

Los Angeles - Chrissy Metz has denied a report that she insulted actress Alison Brie during an interview on the Golden Globes red carpet

In the clip, Chrissy was asked about Alison and then, according to Us Weekly, spoke over footage of Alison. The report states that the moment the camera zoomed in on Alison, Chrissy was heard saying "she's such a bitch" but the words are not easily distinguishable.

The video clip has since been removed from Twitter. 

The This Is Us star wrote on Twitter on Sunday night during the Globes broadcast that the report claiming that she used a curse word to describe Alison was "completely fabricated" adding that she adores the GLOW actress and would never say a bad word about her.


Alison later posted a picture of the two actresses together on the red carpet at the SAG Awards on Instagram Stories, with the caption: "Nothing but love for @ChrissyMetz. Rumors can't keep us down!"