Bachelor SA: 'I wish Lee gave me a rose so I could reject it'

Cape Town – With hometown dates looming, episode 9 of The Bachelor SA was intense.

The remaining six ladies were all invited on a group date. Lee and his beauties headed to Gold Reef City for an adventure and some light-hearted fun. The date proved to be an emotional rollercoaster as the ladies competed for Lee’s attention.

While Michelle R was on her second one-on-one date, the claws came out at the mansion as two ladies started discussing whether Lee and Michelle had a real connection. 

The Bachelor SA on a group date.

The cocktail party was a tense affair and emotions ran high when Lee asked to chat to both Nontombi and Jozaan.

Nontombi, who didn’t spend any quality time with Lee, felt taken aback and questioned whether she would be able to take Lee home to meet her family if she received a rose at the end of the night.

In the end, Lee bid farewell to the bubbly 28-year-old quantity surveyor.

Channel24 chatted to Nontombi about making it to top six, the drama at her final cocktail party, and find out what's going on between the remaining ladies.

Before you left the mansion, you made it clear that you were ready to go. If Lee had offered you a rose that night, would you have stayed?

I was ready to leave because we didn't know each other, mostly because I feel like he didn't make an effort to get to know me. I was secretly hoping he'd offer me a rose so I could reject it, and I needed to have a normal "as we know it" goodbye with the ladies. However, I think he made the right choice for us both.

What was going through your mind when he asked to speak to you and Jozaan during the cocktail party?

I was perplexed. I did not sign up and go through a million interviews with Jozaan, so what exactly did Lee mean? And then to ignore me throughout the conversation...I think at that point it was so strange. I just wanted to go tell my friend Jax what just happened so I could process it and prepare my heart for saying goodbye to the ladies while trying to find the words for him.

What were your expectations going onto the show versus your experience?

My expectation was definitely to leave engaged. I forgot to think about all the other dynamics like compatibility, the other girls, and how amazing and beautiful they may be. All I thought was yes, great on paper, tall, and handsome. I'm going to fetch my man. Then, I went into the mansion and met 24 amazing and beautiful women, and because all we had was each other, we naturally just formed friendships and sisterhoods while dating the same man. That, I did not expect, but it was my favourite part.

Nontombi Kuzwayo and Lee Thompson on The Bachelor

You didn’t spend as much time with Lee as some of the other girls – did you feel that you had a connection with him, seeing that you made it to top 6?

I didn't spend as much time with him funny enough, even though I was dragged to every group date outside of the first. So, when I finally got my one-on-one, I loved it, especially the conversation! We laughed, he told me about his family, upbringing, life as a bachelor, and I shared the same. We discussed relocation, traditions he'd need to follow. And yes, there was a connection. I still don't know how he speaks to a waitress, a petrol attendant, a beggar on the road, or how he deals with conflict or bad news or death or life, so, to be honest, I did need more.

Making it as far as top 6 – was it more challenging to say goodbye at this stage?

It actually felt like the best goodbye at top 6. With Edith and Michelle D's exit, I sobbed inconsolably. I then reminded myself that they didn't die and then I laughed. So there were many smiles and laughs while in formation and saying goodbye to him. But of course, my logic defied me when I got to the limo; I missed them so much already. Strangest thing!

There was a lot of cattiness towards Michelle R in last the episode – what do you think brought this on?

I don’t think there was any cattiness towards Michelle R. She came back to the mansion and fabricated a story that was so elaborate and then gave in when I called her out on their date. She was also hiding her rose which Jax searched her for, and there it was – I literally sat there thinking, "but why?"

I didn’t see any harm in finding that behaviour funny and/or strange because I found it strange myself. Having been on a bland one-on-one date, my natural instinct would have been to come back and tell the girls everything. Granted, we're not the same, but the strange date feedback warranted a strange response.

Lee Thompson and Nontombi Kuzwayo.

Are you still looking for love?

I am definitely open to love finding me! Only considering candidates above 1.76m tall, well above my tax bracket, between 35 - 45, have healthy gym life with visible results, and no drama! I prefer to enjoy the finer and priceless things and/or experiences in peace with bubbles, good music, and great company!

PS. My family is only allowed to accept horses for lobola (she jokes).


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