3 TV series to watch as recommended by our reviewers

If you're wondering what to watch on streaming services, we have you covered.

Our reviewers did all the hard work to make your choices easier.

From a much talked about documentary, to a horror series masterclass, to a quirky show about 'medical experiments.'

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness – Netflix

This seven-part docuseries exposes the crazier-than-fiction world of big cat owner Joe Exotic and the events that would eventually lead him to hire a hitman to take out his rival, animal rights activist, Carole Baskin. While every great show needs an antagonist and a protagonist to keep you locked in, those lines quickly became blurred here, which made it even more captivating. (Read our full review here)

The Haunting of Hill House – Netflix

Scary, heartbreaking and gorgeously told, The Haunting of Hill House is a strong contender for the single best thing on Netflix right now. (Read our full review here)

100 Humans – Netflix

During what has become a global pandemic and with South Africans preparing for a national lockdown, 100 Humans offers enough entertainment to distract Netflix viewers from the outside world. (Read our full review here)