Tumi Morake gets candid in her book

The Award winning stand-up comedian, Tumi Morake has recently launched her much anticipated memoir. In her debut book titled And Then Mama Said, the comedienne says she modelled her mother. The mother of three describes her late mother as a charming and contentious woman, and says she used her big voice to say the things that others wouldn’t. Even though the book is about her personal experiences, the writer explains that it’s not a biography.  

“This isn’t my biography, but a collection of memories from my life.  I have shared some of the things that have made me resilient and shaped the persona of Tumi Morake.  I have often been asked to share my story and I thought what better way than by honouring the woman who made me who I am, my mother,” Tumi says.

The book is a look into all that happens behind the scenes in Mzansi’s entertainment industry, and the newly emerged author gets candid about her real life experiences. From what happened to her at Jacaranda radio station, the body shaming she endured as a presenter of Mzansi Magic’s Our Perfect Wedding, and her unstable relationship with her husband. The comedienne dishes it all out. She says in order for the book to tell her truth in the right way, she had to use her mother’s voice.

“It took me a long time to figure out how to tell this story, whether I should be comedic as would be expected or just share my honest perspective.  I looked back at how often me and my cousins would revert back to what my mother said growing up and I decided then to let that voice that is with me all the time to guide me in my book,” she explains.

Tumi has also cemented a career as TV host, actress, writer and a TV producer. She shares that she thanks her mother, and all the women she had around growing up saying they contributed to the woman she is today.