Soapie teasers: 27 February 2019

7de Laan

Karmen tells her parents about her new friend. Lesedi seeks advice from Aggie about her domestic worker.

Days of our Lives

Theresa, Nicole, and Kate celebrate Basic Black’s success but Kate tries to take all the glory. Eric is drunk at the bar and Nicole witnesses. She tries to sober him up and he promises to take a cab home. However, an impatient Eric decides he’ll just drive… which sends him on a collision course.


Tshidi gets a late night phone call and is delighted about what she hears. Jack can’t help being impressed that he was outwitted and out-played. Tau doesn’t appreciate being threatened on his own turf.

Imbewu: The Seed

Ngcolosi learns that Phunyuka told Maharaj about UWE. Sipho touches Khanyo, the first barrier is down. Shukela agrees to the comedy night, just he wants to be a part of the show.


Mpiyakhe comes face to face with a united Zungu family. Dabula finds a way to turn his enemies against each other. Saddam tries to convince Lillian to change her mind.


Sechaba does the unexpected and decides to save Gabriel's job. Wendy tells Morongwa that Hendrik is like a drug she can't resist. Kgothalo and Lungi bury the hatchet.


Susan’s open Pandora’s Box. It's love at first kiss. The prodigal daughter returns home.

Rhythm City

David catches Bash trying to implicate him. Sabelo teaches Dumi a lesson. Rene’s father Sello reappears, full of surprises.


Lindiwe approaches someone whom she thinks can help her with her urgent mission. 

Skeem Saam

Lelo and Lehasa are shocked to find an unexpected visitor at their door. MaNtuli instructs Pretty to apologise in a very public fashion. A mischievous Koloi bakes some cookies with a secret ingredient in them.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Alone and upset about the status of her marriage, Steffy is surprised to find Bill at her door. When Steffy comments about the remnants of his obvious physical altercation with Ridge, Bill plays it off and says he is more worried about her. Bill tells Steffy that he refuses to live in shame for what he did and again states his love for Steffy. Hope becomes annoyed to find out that Brooke saw Steffy and that she is pregnant, feeling like everyone is keeping secrets from her. Brooke admits to Hope that Steffy had an affair. Ridge visits Liam and urges him to stand up for his wife and baby. He tells Liam that Bill needs to be taken down for what he’s done. Bill attempts to convince Steffy to take better care of herself and her baby then urges her to stand up to the outside forces that are trying to keep them apart.

The Queen

One In Four

Kea turns the tables on Sandra Stein in court. Shaka can’t breathe under Mmabatho’s rules.


A tireless Nkunzi devises a new plan to get Sibonelo’s attention, and it involves his wives. Nonka is forced to accept payment of her stock from someone she hates.