Soapie teasers: 11 October 2018

7de Laan

Vanessa defends Xander against Charmaine and Bonita. Fikani’s medical reputation is at stake.

Day of our Lives

Aiden and Hope continue their romantic evening at the Salem Inn. Clyde gets a mysterious call and quickly takes off. Sonny and Paul pull away just as they are about to kiss. JJ tells Kyle that Paige blabbed to his mom about dealing. 


Amy doesn’t know who to believe anymore... Mrekza moves out of the Diale house. Zitha tells Smanga they need to talk.


Mpiyakhe goes to Johannesburg, leaving Sibongile with the wives. Duma and Mabuyi make a startling discovery about Busi. Judas takes advantages of the situation with Lillian.


Kgothalo takes Ntando up on his offer. Lalage is irked by Anja inviting her friends over for a swim at the penthouse. Clive does the unthinkable when he is pushed. Kgothalo has a made a decision about the future of Nzinga.


Rendani considers moving out of home. Livhuwani is torn and hurt by Tenda’s behavior.  Seani tells Susan that she’s ashamed of Vhangani.

Rhythm City

Lungile struggles to digest Bongi’s bombshell and turns to an unlikely source for comfort. Mapula struggles to impress her new teacher. 


Unlikely alliances reunite and recommit themselves to take down a common enemy. An older man receives a tempting invite from a much younger seductress. Stokkies is disappointed to discover that his competition is sticking around. 

Skeem Saam

Noah is caught red-handed doing the unthinkable. Lehasa suggests to Kat and Candice that someone be reported to the cops for an alleged crime. Dennis, Clement and MaNtuli wage war against a stubborn shop owner.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Liam announces that Bill has stepped down and that he is the CEO of Spencer Publications. Wyatt is completely blindsided by his brother's unexpected declaration and seeks out answers from Bill. Bill does not reveal what prompted his leave of absence. Despite the many questions to Bill about his unusual behavior, Brooke is equally left in the dark about her husband's situation. Justin let Bill know that he will keep a close eye on Liam. Later, Bill sinks in Steffy's arms as he begins to cry about being a terrible father to his son.

The Queen

Of Supermen and Fallible Men

Is Kagiso too late? Sthembiso and Adelaide fight external forces. Harriet tries to right her wrongs.


Mondli has second thoughts about the captaincy position. Sbu manages to worm himself back to his job.