Pearl Modiadie will not stand for a cheating man

Television and radio personality Pearl Modiadie has put it on record that she would rather date many men than settle for a cheating man. This is after the SABC 1’s Zaziwe presenter and content producer remembered a guy telling her that if doesn’t tolerate a cheating man, then she will leave every man she dates.A insubordinate Pearl says she refuses to stick around for nonsense. “I will go through all of them if I have to, but I’m not sticking around for rubbish,” she tweeted.

The presenter, who is in a new relationship after calling off her three-year engagement to businessman Nkululeko Buthelezi twice, is still hopeful that there are good men that exists and cautioned others not to settle for less.“There are definitely good men out there! Stop settling because you think you can’t do better or that they’re all the same. They’re not! You’ll find a piece of the puzzle that perfectly matches yours,” she tweeted.

Many of her followers were happy for her, while others merely said her views are based on the fact that she is in a new relationship, and it was still early days to confirm if cheating would happen or not. When Move! contacted Pearl about her new relationship, and her birthday celebration which took place in Paris with her new bae, the Raw Silk presenter said, “There is nothing to share.”