Lerato Kganyago to return as host of second season Project Runway

It took Lerato Kganyago years of rejection, hard work and patience to reach the success we see her as today. Hosting the first ever Project Runway, a fashion designing show on Mzansi Magic was definitely a career highlight for her as viewers got to see her come into her own like they have never seen her before.


“It was definitely the biggest moment in my career. I think I am example of what patience really is. Those who started off like me are able to see that they can achieve whatever they want to be,” Lerato tells Move! Lerato is humbled to have been praised and validated by media powerhouse, owner of Ndalo Media, Khanyi Dhlomo- the company involved in the producing of the show. 


In the show every week, designers competed and showcased their best designs to avoid elimination. Viewers saw Lerato getting emotional as she had to bid farewell to designers who were eliminated weekly. “I am glad people got to see that side of me. I am a loving and compassionate person because I have been in a positon before, where I wanted something so bad too. There were times I would cry that the crew would tell me to pull myself together,” she says.


Lerato says sometimes in the entertainment industry, it may be easier to lose yourself when it comes to authenticity and identity. “I’ve learnt that it is ok to be yourself that has paid off for me.” The media darling has announced that she will be hosting Project Runway in 2019 too. She is excited about what is yet to come for her.