This talented ten-year-old has over 200K followers because of her simultaneous instrument playing skills

Cape Town - 10-year-old He Yue, from the city of Yanji, showed off her ability to play the traditional Chinese guzheng at the same time as the piano.

He Yue skillfully divides her attention between the two instruments, with her left hand able to glide comfortably along the piano keys, and her right easily plucking the guzheng's strings.

According to her father, He Baozong, she came up with the initiative to play the two instruments simultaneously. "We thought she could use the instruments as entertainment, so she tried to play both of them together," he said.

Although she had five years of guzheng and one year of piano training, the talented girl only spent a few months learning how to combine the two instruments.

After uploading videos of her performances on social media, Yue went viral on the Internet in China. She now has more than 200 000 followers on social media, according to her father.