The Grammys 2019: Backstage drama, a faceless metal singer, and a sidekick that comes out of the shadows

Cape Town – Channel24 Music, your dedicated music news source, has collected four of our most captivating recent "long read" articles about the 2019 Grammys and put them together in one place for late-night reading ahead of the event, which takes place on Sunday in Los Angeles. 

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The five featured pieces include: Brandi Carlile unpacking her feelings about being the most nominated woman at this year’s ceremony, Cardi B’s anxiety relating leading up to the event, getting to know a producer whose name you might not know, and a Swedish singer who is ready to reveal himself after years of anonymity.

1) This is how it feels to be the most nominated woman at this year’s Grammys

"(Brandi) Carlile's recent album By The Way, I Forgive You was critically acclaimed. The singer-songwriter-instrumentalist is one of the nominated female musicians who will be taking centre stage at the Grammys, a year after female singers were shut out of the show's major categories. The 2018 Grammys only had Lorde as the only woman nominated for album of the year, and she was not given a performing slot at the show. This year, there are five female nominees."

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Brandi Carlile
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2) Sweden’s Grammy nominated metal singer, Papa Emeritus III, is ready to reveal himself

"Tobias Forge (also known as Papa Emeritus III) walked up to collect a Grammy, few people knew his name — and that was purposeful. The leader of the Swedish metal group Ghost fiercely protected his anonymity and hid behind thick ghoulish makeup. This year, if Forge's band's name is called, he says he will go up as himself, leaving aside his costume and alter ego."

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Tobias Forge

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3) You might not know this Grammy nominated producer's name but definitely know the words to his songs

"Boi-1da considers himself a sidekick to some of the biggest music performers, from Drake to Rihanna, and he is now being thrust into the Grammy spotlight for his standout production work. The Jamaica-born, Toronto-raised producer is nominated for six Grammys, including three in the best rap song category, thanks to his work on Drake's God's Plan, Eminem's Lucky You and Jay Rock's Win."

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4) Ariana Grande’s much-hyped performance that never happened

"Grammys producer Ken Ehrlich said the show had multiple conversations with Ariana Grande about possibly performing on Sunday but the singer "felt it was too late for her to pull something together, a claim the chart-topper has since disputed."

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ariana grande
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5) Cardi B’s Grammys related anxiety and her determination to prove herself

"Cardi B said in a recent interview that she's been filled with anxiety about the potential of winning an award and executing her performance at the 61st annual Grammy Awards….’You can never really be so sure,’ Cardi B told The Associated Press."

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 Cardi B
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