Msaki’s rise to stardom

Johannesburg - When Msaki, born Asanda Mvana, had two dance songs at the top of the charts with Mobi Dixon Love Colour Spin and house music veterans, Revolution Springtide and her song Nal’ithemba was remixed and included in DJ Black Coffee’s American release of his album Pieces of Me, little was known about her. But the lady with a unique voice behind the hits has been working hard to get to where she is today.


Even though her musical career is flourishing today, there was a time she thought of her artistic side as being a "distraction." She’s always been that kid who would hog the spotlight and perform for family and visitors. 'I’ve always been artistic but when I got to high school that thing seemed like a distraction. I wanted to hide the book I used to write my stuff on because art didn’t seem important," she recalls, adding that it was during this time that she tried her utmost best to shut down the artist in her.


But as life would have it, nothing went her way as the calling couldn’t be muted in her heart which is why we’re only hearing of her now. "I think the art wouldn’t let me escape. I just felt I need to acknowledge and answer the calling," she admits. Msaki which is short for Nomsakazo - a nickname she was given by one of the visitors she used to perform for – then raised funds to enrol for a short course in a music school in America. "That course helped me to be a working artist. It really gave me a good look at how to be a working artist," say the muso who’s an independent artist.


The East London-born and based artist admits that without the backing of a big recording company it’s not easy. This is surprising considering she turned down an offer from one the big recording companies. But the lady had a plan and a vision for where she wanted her musical career to be headed. "I was still figuring myself so it was not time. It was premature. If you blow up before your time things might not work well. Just because you have the resources and platform doesn’t mean it’s the time," she reasons.