Alternative Afrikaans band Spoegwolf are back with a new Blou video

Cape Town - Spoegwolf, is back with their first music video single titled Blou, off their highly-anticipated new album, Koma, which is was released on Thursday.

Blou was written by lead singer, Danie du Toit.

About the song he says: “I wrote the song in Stellenbosch at Eerste River. It’s all about getting another chance. Actually, it’s more of an observation than what it is a message that the song wants to communicate to others.”Danie explains why it is the first glimpse off Koma: “We felt that it was the song that best portrayed our lives of the last year. Blou also sounds different to anything we’ve ever released before.”


Physical albums of Koma will be available in Musica from March, but if you cannot wait that long, then you can order your copy by visiting Spoegwolf’s website. Koma consists of 14 tracks, including 2 instrumental arrangements. And why the album title Koma (translated “coma”)? Moskou du Toit explains: “This release is a concept album which deals with trauma.We therefore thought that the the idea of a coma fits perfectly. The songs follow someone who undergoes terrible things - falling, getting up…falling, getting up again…and then finally realises that nothing is left apart from the essential dream of love and the bit of light that still sparks inside him. The listening experience must feel like a deep sleep; like a coma.”

So how does Koma differ from Spoegwolf’s three previous albums? Chris von Wielligh enthuses: “We spent a lot more time rehearsing, which led to more of a rock arrangement on some of the tracks. The album is also our most complete concept album with themes that are repeated and artwork that contributes to the storyline. The entire album flows into one - from beginning to end.”