The 5 Worst Afrikaans Music Videos

I think most people will agree that it's just too easy to make a music video these days…

Ever watched a music video that made you cringe? Well, we've seen too many of those, so we've decided to share a few of the worst Afrikaans music videos we've ever seen with you. Lucky you!

And by worst, we mean the whole package, from the song right through to the concept and camera angles. And in between the giggling and your jaw dropping, the only question you'll be left with is: WHY?

5. Chrizaan – Lollipop

We can't decide whether the actual Katy Perry-wannabe video or the auto-tuning is the worst thing about this…

4. Hannes – 'n Ster vir my

Have you ever heard of him? Neither have we… WARNING: Watching this video may result in seasickness.

3. Sussie Wie - Groot Voël Paradys

Famous for her "humour" and for winning the Swakste Video award at the 2007 MK Awards for her song Ring Ka Ting Ting, Sussie Wie is back with a follow-up called Groot Voël Paradys. (And she's not referring to actual birds, if you get my drift…)

2. Natasha - Boe Ba Bokkie

OMG! And that is all…

1. Dirk van der Westhuizen - Supercool (Gangnam Style)

For those of you who don't know who Dirk is, his version of PSY’s Gangnam Style called Supercool went viral last year November in literally a day, but for all the wrong reasons… And even though you won’t be able to hear the song, as the audio has been muted "due to a claim by a copyright holder", you'll still be able to see why he takes the top spot.

*We know that these are bad, but there are definitely worse videos out there. Share your worst video with us and why and you can get published!