Billy Porter to play fairy godmother in new Cinderella movie

Cape Town - After being the first openly gay man to win the outstanding lead actor award in a drama series at the Emmys, Billy Porter is about to make history again. He’s been cast to play the fairy godmother in the latest Cinderella movie.

According to People, during a panel at the 20th New Yorker Festival that took place on Saturday, the 50-year-old confirmed that he would be playing the role in the upcoming live-action remake movie.

The film, which is set to be released in February 2021, will see singer Camila Cabello making her acting debut as Cinderella, as well as Frozen’s Idina Menzel playing the role of Cinderella’s evil stepmother.

Billy is well-known for his character in the US drama series Pose, as well as for his fashion-forward red-carpet moments, that he told Vogue are an expression of himself.

"I grew up loving fashion, but there was a limit to the ways in which I could express myself. When you’re black and you’re gay, one’s masculinity is in question. I dealt with a lot of homophobia in relation to my clothing choice," he explained.

"Now I’m in a space where, being on Pose, I’m invited to red carpets and I have something to say through clothes. My goal is to be a walking piece of political art every time I show up. To challenge expectations. What is masculinity? What does that mean? Women show up every day in pants, but the minute a man wears a dress, the seas part," he continued.


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