This video of Duchess Meghan asking Prince Harry when to curtsy is The Princess Diaries IRL

Cape Town – The Duchess of Sussex is pretty much Mia from The Princess Diaries IRL and an adorable video that's gone viral proves it.

The elegant American beauty officially joined the royal family when she married Prince Harry on 19 May, but becoming a royal doesn’t just happen overnight.

Duchess Meghan attended her first Trooping the Colour ceremony with Harry and other members of the royal family over the weekend, it was also her and Harry’s first official appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

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Although she made her first time look like a breeze a recent video - shared on the Instagram account @harry_meghan_updates - has people convinced Meghan turned to Harry for some guidance about when to curtsy for the queen’s arrival.

Meghan can be seen smiling and asking: “Do it?”

Harry, of course having Meghan’s back, immediately says yes and the two curtsy and bow consecutively.