Punters predict the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will name their baby Diana

Cape Town - Prince Harry and Meghan will soon be welcoming their first child and bookies are convinced they’ll name their baby after Princess Diana.

Although Meghan and Harry have yet to disclose their baby’s gender, bookies William Hill revealed that Diana is the clear favourite baby name, with odds of 10:1, Mirror reports.

The name Alice came in at a close second at 12:1, while Alexandra also made an appearance at 16:1.

"There’s a belief that there are so few surprises left in life, why not save the biggest one for the moment a child is born?" Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter says about the decision not to reveal the baby’s gender.

"This isn’t just a royal philosophy, many parents across the UK choose not to find out."

If the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first-born is a boy, the favourites are Arthur and Edward.

But if the couple do name their baby after the late princess, they wouldn’t be the first royals to do so. Prince William and Kate’s daughter, Princess Charlotte, has Diana as her middle name, Daily Mail reports.

Bookies also recently revealed that they’ve had more bets for Prince Harry and Meghan’s baby then they had when Kate and Wills were expecting Prince George, The Sun reports.

"At this stage, we think turnover will be higher for the Sussex baby than it was for Prince George," Rupert Hill of William Hill said.

"The killer blow for the bookies is for the baby to be a girl and for them to choose to call her Diana."

The royal baby is expected in April.            

Sources: Mirror, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan