Princess Diana’s former South African trainer puts famous sweatshirt on auction

Cape Town - Princess Diana’s beloved workout sweatshirt, which she wore three times a week, is now being sold to the highest bidder.

The dark blue cotton pullover was a gift from billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson and is expected to receive more than $5 000 (about R71 013) during the online auction on 10 July, TIME reports.

The garment, which features the Virgin logo along with the words "Fly Atlantic" is being sold by Princess Di’s personal trainer, Jenni Rivett, through a Boston-based PR Auction, New York Post reports.

Jenni, a South African expat living in the UK, worked with the princess between 1990 and 1997. She said Diana always wore the same sweatshirt when they met to work out.

"She was tired of the media speculating about her clothes when there were more important things happening in the world," she said.

"Obviously, she was the most photographed woman in the world and photographers would gather outside of the place where we trained so she would purposefully wear the same outfit as a result."

Princess Di gave the blue sweatshirt to Jenni as a gift before her death in 1997.

Princess Diana in her famous workout sweatshirt. (

According to, the proceeds will all go to a family from Malawi to help a little girl go to school.

"The princess would definitely approve if she were still alive," Jenni said.

"Causes in Africa were always very close to her heart."

The fitness guru revealed that Diana’s fitness programme was usually a combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training.

"She was very focused and committed to her exercise regime," she added.

Jenni remembers Princess Diana as being "an absolute bundle of fun with the greatest sense of humour."

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