Prince William and Kate bring holiday cheer to UK forces in Cyprus

Cyprus — Prince William and his wife Kate brought Christmas gifts and holiday greetings Wednesday to British servicemen at the Royal Air Force Base Akrotiri in Cyprus.

The visit by William and the Duchess of Cambridge was designed to honour the estimated 11 000 British soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines deployed on foreign operations over the holidays.

After meeting servicemen in a hangar, William thanked Britain's Armed Forces for their sacrifices.

"We are in your debt and Catherine and I feel very lucky to be able to spend time with you today," he said.

The Duke and Duchess also opened the Oasis centre used be personnel as a recreation area when they are not on shift. 

Officials say British forces are involved in 30 operations in 35 countries.

The Akrotiri base plays an important role in Britain's military activities throughout the Middle East.


On Tuesday, the royal couple also hosted a party on the grounds at London's Kensington Palace for military families.