Kate Middleton’s throwback video of her singing resurfaces – and royal fans are in awe!

Cape Town - Kate Middleton can hold a note!

A video of the Duchess of Cambridge singing in a school production of My Fair Lady has resurfaced and royal fans are thrilled, The Sun reported.

The clip, which was shared by a fan page on Instagram, shows then 11-year-old Kate, who played the role of Eliza Doolittle, belting out the song Wouldn't It Be Lovely in her best cockney accent during the musical.

Avid fans are charmed by the royal’s performance, one user asked, "Is there a full video?

"I want more... She has lovely voice."

Another added, "I bet she still is a great singer and that she sings to her kids at home."


The clip from 1993, which has since garnered over 30 000 views, first went viral in 2014 when it was shared by a former school friend of the duchess, ExpressUK reported.

"Kate was the star of the show," the friend said at the time.

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