WATCH: Helen Mirren realising she’s a year younger is pure gold

Cape Town – This video of Helen Mirren and Ellen DeGeneres chatting about royals, age and technology is a genuine piece of gold that needs to be watched.

The iconic actress stopped by The Ellen Show to chat about her new film, The Leisure Seeker, but first they had to catch up, of course.

The conversation started out with Ellen asking Helen if she was going to the Royal Wedding. Sadly Helen is not but she did share a cute story of how Prince William once referred to her as his granny.

The best part of the conversation however, came when Ellen and Helen discussed age.

“You’re not shy about saying your age, which I think is important. I think people should say their age. You’re 72,” Ellen said to Helen.

The Queen actress was quick to correct Ellen however, saying that she is 73.

But after discussing it, and trying to work it out, Ellen helped Helen realise that she is in fact 72 years old.

And much like anyone, Helen was more than excited to find that she was a year younger.