Kim Kardashian shares heartfelt story about the most important piece of jewellery the Paris robbers almost got away with

Cape Town – Kim Kardashian is reminiscing about her most prized possession, which she almost lost forever.

Alongside a throwback photo from 2007, Kim opened up about a diamond cross necklace she is wearing in the photo revealing that it was the first piece of jewellery she bought herself with her very first-ever pay check. 

“So, this necklace that I have on is a diamond cross from Jacob and it was the first piece of jewellery that I bought when I got my first check.”

Kim goes on to reveal that when she was robbed in Paris in October 2016, the thieves took the necklace.

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However, in a turn of events, while trying to get away the robbers dropped one single piece of jewellery which turned out the be the “sentimental” necklace.