Josh Brolin celebrates 5 years of sobriety in brutally honest post

Cape Town - Josh Brolin is celebrating five years of sobriety with a raw and honest message about the feeling of being drunk.

According to Cover Media, the Avengers: Infinity War actor decided to get help after he was arrested for public intoxication in 2013. He checked into rehab a few months after the arrest.

Josh took to Instagram on Wednesday to reflect on his past struggle with alcohol abuse and to celebrate the decision he made five years ago.

Alongside an old photo of himself before he stopped drinking, Josh writes: "Drunk: When you think you’re having a rip roaring time and the next morning you wake up and your brain has broken into a frenzied beehive and your body is shattered shards of sharp glass desperately searching for what fits where and your spirit is being eaten by worms with great white bloodied teeth and your heart has shriveled into a black prune churning your intestines to the point where dysentery feels attractive."

The 50-year-old - who welcomed a baby girl with his wife Kathryn in November 2018 - continues to address the feeling of being reckless and not being able to remember your actions the next morning, before ending his post with "#5years".