Kim Kardashian celebrates as Cyntoia Brown is granted clemency

Cape Town - Celebrities celebrated as Cyntoia Brown, who was only 16 when she got arrested, has been granted clemency.

After 15 years behind bars the now 30-year-old has been granted clemency and will be released on 7 August.                                                   

According to BBC, Cyntoia’s case gained recognition when she received support from celebrities like singer Rihanna, reality TV personality Kim Kardashian West, comedian Amy Schumer and NBA star LeBron James.         

Kim, even went as far as enlisting her lawyer in a bid to ensure that Cyntoia received clemency according to Independent.

Cyntoia was arrested for the murder of 43-year-old Johnny Allen. According to Refinery29, on 7 August 2004 Johnny was shot in the back of his head and found dead in his bed. Johnny had allegedly asked Cyntoia for sexual intercourse the day before his death. On arrival at Johnny’s residence, he showed Cyntoia guns and became violent afterwards. In self-defence, Cyntoia shot him with a gun she had in her purse.

Although she was still a minor and claimed she shot him in self-defence, Cyntoia was charged as an adult and found guilty for first-degree murder, premeditated murder, first-degree felony murder and aggravated robbery, Metro reports.  

Taking to social media, various celebs celebrated Cyntoia’s good news.