Lily Allen receives apology from soldier

2012-07-13 15:46 Los Angeles - Lily Allen has received an apology from the British soldier who sent her a racially abusive message on Twitter.

The Not Fair singer reported 20-year-old Harry Wilson to his army bosses after he tweeted her a message reading "just seen you bought s*** I meant adopted a child from Africa (sic)".

Lily - who is believed to be expecting her second child with husband Sam Cooper - was then subjected to a barrage of abuse for reporting the serviceman, but she now wants a line drawn under the row after Harry sent her a heartfelt apology.

Break from Twitter

She tweeted: "I have just received some flowers and a hand written apology from Harry Wilson, which I accept. I hope we can all now move on. Thank you."

It seems Harry's apology arrived at the right time after Lily threatened to take a break from Twitter because of the abusive messages she had received from 'trolls'.

She wrote: "OK I'm leaving twitter for a few days, hmmmm maybe hours, we'll see. The stupidity of some people on here is astounding."

Harry had claimed his comments were intended as a joke and "harmless fun" before his Twitter account was removed.