Idols: Have they already picked a winner?

I've been watching Idols South Africa, for the past decade.

I was always under the impression that it was focused on finding the best talent in the country.

It was also my understanding that the Judges tried their best to choose the top 16 contestants, to ensure that the public could vote, for the best talent South Africa has on offer.

Great was my surprise, however, when I read in the media that several aspects of the program focus more on the entertainment value rather than the actual talent.
It was initially brought to my attention by SONDAG newspaper, which rumoured that a particular contestant was head-hunted for the win.

Shortly after, the media began buzzing and the astonishing information that leaked out, immediately set alarm bells ringing. I refer you to the following articles for in-depth information:

Idols South Africa - Glam, Sham or Scam?
Idols South Africa - Sham or Scam? - Definitely not Glam!!

I am outraged about all of this!! You may note in the comments section of the articles, that it definitely evoked interest and anger amongst Idol fans.

Even before the Top 16 have been announced, certain contestants are already being promoted, as appears in articles such as Times Live's Black Idol in waiting?

Do these articles confirm what the SONDAG was saying? But more than that – have Mnet gone to such lengths because they believe it’s the only way to get a black winner. As a white who loves this rainbow nation of ours, I find it insulting.

I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking it’s time for a black contestant to win, we don’t need to be manipulated.

However – of greater concern to me personally, is what has come out of the 2nd article on News24 about all the manipulation behind the scenes and that this has been going on for years it seems.

The questions raised in that article are ones that we are all asking. I am a member of a few Idols groups on Facebook, with diverse membership and we all want to know if the allegations are true.

If true – it has been grossly unfair on all of the contestants and on the public, especially the voting public.

We are concerned now that Mnet are now actually going to try to fool all the new black contestants and the new black voting public. Maybe they know that the “white voters” have cottoned onto them. I ask myself what really happened with Mara Louw?

As a real Idols fan I'm saddened by all of this and in a way annoyed with myself for allowing them to pull the wool over my eyes, but if that's what it is I want it stopped before it happens to more people, and they waste their money.

I and people in my group have commented on the Idols page on Facebook – we either get ignored or deleted. So I am asking you to please investigate this matter for the sake of everyone involved in the show, either by competing, watching or voting.
Mnet's machinations must be stopped.

This is not a racially motivated attack. This is a much deeper issue than race.

If what is in these articles is true – the public need to know!!

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Rachel Longster 2012/07/16 11:57:38 AM
Read a book called Chart Throb, written by Ben Elton. You will never look at these so-called talent shows through the same eyes again!
Alta Badenhorst 2012/07/16 12:18:33 PM
I suspected this last night - idols fixing? just as bad as match fixing
Cina 2012/07/16 12:33:29 PM
I agree it is definitely fixed this year. The judges made sure of that.
Sanette Kapp 2012/07/16 12:40:06 PM
For sure it's rigged! Any one with half a brain could see what was and is going on. I stopped watching after the second episode.
Connie Heuer 2012/07/16 01:24:05 PM
Methinks the writer of the above article doth protest too much. I have been under the impression that this was a new improved way of separating the really good singers from the not so good hopefuls. He is also attempting to cover up his racist thinking.and is setting a cat among the pidgeons.
Miss Mica 2012/07/16 01:54:47 PM
drama drama drama
noma.maganga 2012/07/16 03:30:02 PM
Wouw!! there we go again "white voters" "black voters" what rubish is that? does everything has to be about race. talent is talent, it hhas no colour. i wasnt aware that people are voting colour not talent, I give up!! To other people everything is divided along the racial lines. Good luck in your misery!!
Nomcebo Dlamini 2012/07/16 06:21:06 PM
years back really talented black people were taken out before the voting proccess begun. I'm not suprised that these stories are coming out now that real black talent has gone through and stand a chance of winning.
lester.burrow 2012/07/16 07:48:34 PM
Idols 2012 is the most pathetic attempt at getting non musical, totally false voices to try to sing and make it through to the final 16. You should all be ashamed at this shambolic, boring garbage you have put us through. Disgusting.
Khutso Mokami 2012/07/16 10:05:10 PM
since ur sayin its fixed then tell who is eliminated n u thnk he/she is better n was not supposed to be in the top 18?dnt show us ur true colours people,i thought the race issue is coming to an end but it seems like its gonna take more than 50 years...just grow up please