Paul Rotherham details wife's injuries

Cape Town – Jacaranda FM DJ Paul Rotherham has detailed his wife's injuries after she was shot twice by hijackers.

Rotherham posted the following on his Facebook page on Thursday: "The bullet entered the top of her hand and exited through her wrist causing some nasty damage along the way, we're hoping it's all repairable."

Rotherham's wife Zina, managed to drive away after hijackers fired at her near the Gautrain's Marlboro station at 17:20 on Wednesday.

She had just dropped off a friend and was looking for a turnoff when the hijacker fired two shots through her windscreen.

Rotherham has since taken to Twitter to thank everyone who responded so fast to help his wife: "It's a long list but, for now, sincere thanks to @EMER_G_MED @PigSpotter @emer_g_med4 @Netcare911SA @K9_unit_GP for your fast response!"

Zina has also been tweeting from her hospital bed since waking up. She posted the following message on Thursday: "Feeling strong everyone.Thankyou for all the kind words and support! @PaulRotherhamZA and I appreciate you all very much! ?#warrior? ?#princess"

Steve Moss 2012/06/29 10:22:39 AM
how about a thank you for the people at the Engen Garage?
Gieljam Gomtor 2012/06/29 10:34:58 AM
Those culprits inflicting harm on innocent people and other Cowards who have no feeling for their victims should also not expect any mercy. They cant lay claim or be afforded any human rights as they are barbaric inhuman imbeciles and should also be shot on sight.
Sipke De Vries 2012/06/29 11:14:04 AM
Stay away from Marlborough station. The surrounding area is dangerous!!!
Michelle 2012/06/29 11:39:16 AM
get well Zina - Strongs to you all during this time.
Mbulelo Somzana 2012/06/29 12:48:13 PM
get well soon.Those bastards will have their day one day.I curse them in the name of Jesus.
Annalien Pretorius 2012/06/29 08:01:53 PM
It is scary to know this - I drive that way every single day on my way to work and back - not much I can do to change that. I am so glad you survived the attack Zina. I hope and pray you will not have permanent damage. Good luck and best wishes to you and Paul.
Frenchie 2012/07/03 01:17:36 PM
I think that if everyone didnt have a gun then it would be better not everyone to have a gun... Most accidental shootings happen because people have guns in there homes... In the UK the police dont even carry guns!!! cos you cant even buy a toy gun cos they banned!