Exlcusive Linkin Park album pre-stream

Ahead of their fifth studio album launch, Channel24 brings you an exclusive pre-stream of the songs on American band Linkin Park's much-anticipated LIVING THINGS.

Just a few weeks ago, Linkin Park released a new video for Burn It Down off the album.

The album was co-produced by Rick Rubin (Adele, Metallica) and Linkin Park vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Mike Shinoda, who co-produced Linkin Park's last two albums, A Thousand Suns and Minutes to Midnight.

About the new album, Rolling Stone magazine has said that "the material is the band's most powerful since its mega-hit 2000 debut".

Fans can pre-order LIVING THINGS from the band's website and will receive an immediate download of the single.

Linkin Park have won several awards including Grammys and are known for hits such as Crawling and In The End.

Listen to the exclusive pre-stream of LIVING THINGS here:

The album will be released on 25 June 2012.

Watch the video for Burn It Down here:

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Lydon Daniel McGrane 2012/06/20 11:03:21 AM
It's a well-constructed album, and a pleasure to listen to. I enjoyed it so much more than A Thousand Suns. They're miles apart. It feels like the Linkin Park of old is back.
bernard.duplooy.5 2012/06/20 12:40:28 PM
Hey you guys are realy rude i love it as always if you dont like linkin park then get lost we do each person has there own taste and i love lp they helped me with alot of problems and inspired me so ty lp!you guys keep on
Tammy Thomas 2012/06/20 03:33:23 PM
Why cant we have these guys come to SA instead of lady gaga???
Pierre Staude 2012/07/24 03:29:55 PM
ts Not a world tour if you dont come to africa http://www.facebook.com/ItsNotAWorldTourIfYouDontComeToAfrica
Ockert du Preez 2012/07/27 09:39:11 AM
fantastic album!