Beyoncé and Jay-Z visit Cuba

Khuthadzo Mulovhedzi 2013/04/05 10:32:19 AM
who cares!!!!
Brandon Tea 2013/04/05 03:52:26 PM
True that @Nthabi... We shud let them be, they've worked hard for what they are today...
Mlulami Mludja Dike 2013/04/06 04:55:04 AM
True that @Nthabi...some people are so damn jealousy and they seem not to be happy for those who appear as role models.This one,is a very gud example.And I appeal to all the youth out there to follow on their footsteps b4 it's too late. But it's just that I fail to understand,why ppl are still suffering from this crazy disease called jealous.
Munyaradzi Tachiona 2013/04/06 11:16:32 AM
there seem to be beauties and sexy women there in La Havana,check the African one standing atop,yummy,yummy.