Peter Jackson: 3D is the way forward

London - Sir Peter Jackson thinks 3D is the way forward.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey director has defended the use of new 48 frame-per-second 3D technology in his three-part Middle-earth adventure epic and says that when new state-of-the-art projectors come into cinemas in a year's time, every filmmaker will want to use the visually enhancing process.

He told BANG Showbiz: "As a director, I've always been somebody that tries to transport you from your seat into the adventure of the screen in other words. I don't want to restrict the audience as observers; I like that sense of involvement which is why my natural directing style involves moving the camera around a lot and using wider angle lenses. For me 3D is just something that can enhance that experience.

"I think 3D technology is going to improve. Certainly what needs to improve is the projection of 3D in the sense that you put your glasses on and the light level drops and I know it's always a frustrating thing. Hopefully that's only got a year to go before the laser projectors come in, the next generation of projectors."

Despite being an advocate for new technology, Peter finds it depressing that the public chooses to watch films on small gadgets such as iPads and hopes he can encourage people to fall back in love with the cinema experience.

He said: "There is a degree of jeopardy at the moment with all the opportunities we have to see movies now. I really hate the idea that I'm a director making a film for an iPad, that's kind of depressing. I think I would go on lie on a beach in Fiji instead!

"It is a time when cinema audiences are dwindling and as an industry we just do what we can to enhance the experience of cinema-making."

sean 2012-12-24 06:36:38 PM
It sure is Peter Jackson.Even Her Majesty the Queen had a pair of crystal-studded 3D glasses on to review her Christmas tv message that she gives tomorrow at around 15h00.
Michael Cassel 2012-12-24 06:53:41 PM
it's all fine and well improving the tech for current 3D viewers... what about creating 3D for those people with eye problems (monocular vision) I've never been able to see in 3D. even someone like Jonny Depp couldn't see his own movie in 3D
richard.marsh.75248 2012-12-24 07:59:05 PM
How about creating cinemas which are affordable. I for one cannot takey family to see a movie ay the cinema, way too expensive!
Yandisa Rwaai 2012-12-24 08:00:52 PM
who freaken care!!!