Prince Harry kills Taliban chief - report

London - Britain's Prince Harry has killed his first Taliban commander.

The 28-year-old royal - who is currently serving on the frontline in Afghanistan and is nicknamed 'Big H' by his comrades - unleashed a devastating 45kg Hellfire missile on the chief during an attack in October.

One of his comrades told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "We were on patrol and the Apache helicopters were called in. We heard this posh voice come over the radio and knew it was Big H. they were tracking a Taliban leader - he was commander level.

"The Apache then let off some Hellfire missiles and its 30mm cannon and 'boom'. It was Big H all the way."

'He's one of the lads'

Harry - a gunship co-pilot - is on tour in Helmand and has been flying daily combat missions helping "troops in contact", the code given when ground forces are engaged by enemy fighters and he has become a very popular figure with his comrades.

The insider added: "I met him in the cookhouse. I saw this bloke standing in line and I went, 'That's Big H'. He's like a normal squaddie. All the guys in Afghan have so much respect for him and love him.

"Big H is a legend, he's been out in Afghan and he's doing the business. All the guys love him - he's Big H. He likes a drink and a laugh and he's one of the lads."

Matthew Patrick 2012/12/24 08:55:16 AM
Like a boss!
Anthony Mark Bird 2012/12/24 09:05:23 AM
what a boytjie! at least he is not a stuffed shirt like the rest of the royals!
Pieter Van Zyl972 2012/12/24 09:14:20 AM
Invented BS
Sango Jika 2012/12/24 09:17:08 AM
The taliban will hunt prince harry now that they know who killed their leader not a good move revealing all that info who knows maybe they will try and bomb the palace too.
LittleRichard 2012/12/24 09:18:18 AM
If this report doesn't paint a large target on his back, for the rest of his life, then nothing will!!!
John Buang 2012/12/24 09:26:11 AM
What kind of reporting is this?
John Black 2012/12/24 09:26:11 AM
Big H....!!!lol
angus.gibb.7 2012/12/24 09:26:29 AM
How can this article be written in such a light hearted manner??? And how on earth can it be listed under entertainment??? Bad form!
truthbetold221 2012/12/24 09:27:48 AM
I think the British are up to something, trying to provoke someone maybe?
Dagga Magazine 2012/12/24 09:32:33 AM
Probably killed some children too.