Claire Danes a 'yummy mummy'

New York - Claire Danes wants to be a "yummy mummy".

The Homeland actress and husband Hugh Dancy welcomed their first child, son Cyrus, into the world earlier this month and Claire is determined her style won't suffer now she's a mother.

She said: "I can't begin to imagine what kind of mother I want to be. How could I answer that? I want to be a putrid mother who does not listen to her child and puts her own needs before theirs? I would want my child to feel safe and loved and held.

"Do I want to be yummy mummy? Well, I certainly don't want to be a repulsive mummy. I want to be yummy to the people who I have an interest in finding me yummy, sure."

While she is enjoying being a new mother, Claire will go back to work as acting has always played such a huge role in her life.

She told The Times Magazine: "The desire to act has been such a powerful driving force as long as I can remember. I've always had such enthusiasm, and a clear direction about it.

"It's really very freeing to engage in the world in a way that is radically different from your own, to get into wild scenarios and play out the consequences."

Robert Coughlan 2012/12/24 10:47:30 PM
Homeland season 3 is going to totally rock. Claire Danes is a brilliant actor, as are Damian Lewis and Mandy Patinkin.
Kim Wild 2012/12/24 11:37:02 PM
I shouldn't pass crit on Christmas but the errors in this sentence: I want to be yummy to the people who I have a an interest in finding me yummy, sure. A little proof reading goes a long way.
Jason Seegers 2012/12/24 11:50:26 PM
Who names their kid Cyris? It's as if they want him to be a criminal